Easy Okra on Debian

I was installing Debian (testing release) on a netbook since my main laptop is away for repairs and I noticed the Ogre packages in the distribution. So far I have always compiled Ogre and its dependencies myself so I was curious how much work it would take to get the Okra examples running.

Not much work, but you do need to pull the latest master branch from GitHub since I had to make a few corrections.

To run simple-okra.sh you'll need to install the following packages: cmake, g++, libogre-dev, libogremain-1.6.4 and ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager. Go to Okra's root directory, turn BUILD_CEGUI off in CMakeLists.txt, run cmake -G 'Unix Makefiles' and finally run make. Then go to the examples-directory and run ./simple-okra.sh.

To run flock.sh you'll need OIS and CEGUI as well. The latter pulls in a lot of extra dependencies (which is why I'll be switching to MyGUI). Install these additional packages: libcegui-mk2-1, libcegui-mk2-dev, libceguiogre-dev, libceguiogrerenderer-1.6.4, libois-1.2.0 and libois-dev. (You'll also need to get clois-lane from GitHub, run cmake and make for it and copy lib/libclois-lane.so to okra/lib.) Turn on BUILD_CEGUI again if you turned it off above, run cmake and make again and then run ./flock.sh in the examples directory.

I didn't try running physics-and-input.sh since Bullet isn't available as a package in Debian/testing. It only needs OIS and not CEGUI if I remember correctly.