ILGE 2010: Engine Troubles over Tentacle Planet, part 2

1 Progress

Since the last report I've added: a controllable spaceship, bullets, tentacles and I made an unsuccessful attempt at producing a Linux binary.

For the controls I use the OIS library. I was already familiar with this due to my clois-lane library. The controls work but don't feel quite right yet and need some minor adjustments.

Adding bullets was straightforward. The most time was put into the tentacles and the attempt at making a statically linked Linux binary.

The tentacles are Ogre prefab cubes plot along a Bezier curve. The P1 and P2 control points and the P3 end point are assigned a new x,y,z coordinate each frame. This coordinate is picked by walking through 3D Perlin noise with a random movement vector for each point. (The vector was created randomly at creation time, it's stays the same from frame to frame.)

The code is a huge mess by now and it is getting in the way. Next priority should be a clean-up.

2 To Do

Eventually I managed to build static Ogre libraries but ran into other problems when compiling with -static. Statically compiling is something I have no experience with and this looks like it is going to take too much time for the ILGE 2010.

For Linux it seems distribution by deb and rpm packages will be the best solution. (What a revelation!)

3 Source

The code for the latest version isn't available yet since it is a horrible mess. Keep watching (not up yet) if you're interested.

3.1 Linux Dependencies

ECL (10.4.1) configured with "--with-cxx". (Feel free to try without it, I haven't.)

Debian: libogre-dev libois-dev ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager